Terms and Conditions of Membership

You must read and agree to the terms below before applying to join the Krewe of Pontchartrain:

  1. I hereby agree to abide by the rules of the Club and all other regulations as set forth by the City of New Orleans. I also understand that failure to abide by these rules and regulations could result in my removal as a member of the Club.
  2. That my yearly dues are not transferable and non-refundable.
  3. That substitutions in membership participation in Club activities are not allowed unless approved in advance.
  4. Individuals under the age of 18 and riding as a Junior member must ride with a parent or legal guardian.
  5. That all paraphernalia used in Club activities such as floats, safety ropes, props, etc. are property of the Club and are not to be abused in any way.
  6. Should the Krewe of Pontchartrain be unable to parade because of inclement weather, any other Act of God, or by the decision of the City of New Orleans or the New Orleans Police Department, the City Charter will not allow the parade to be rescheduled and refunds will not be issued.
  7. I agree to sign up to receive text messages containing important information about the Krewe.
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