Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I be on the float?

The float ride will last approximately 3-1/2 hours.

Is there a bathroom on the float?


How many beads should I buy? What kind? Where?

It's very difficult to develop a general list of beads to buy that applies to everyone since each person's situation is different. When you are ready to buy beads, you can contact your float lieutenant or an officer and he/she will be more than happy to help you decide what to buy.

The easiest and most convenient way to buy beads is through the krewe. The krewe offers a wide assortment of quality beads and cups at terrific prices.  Also, if you purchase a minimum of $250 worth of throws from the krewe, we will load your throws onto your float before the parade, so all you have to do the day of the parade is show up!

Who provides the costume?

The costume is supplied by the krewe.

Do I get to keep my costume?

Yes, the costume is yours to keep!

Is there food/drink on the floats?

The krewe provides food and drinks at its Pre-Parade and After-Parade parties. It does not provide food or drinks for you to consume on the floats, so you should plan on bringing whatever you want to eat and drink.

Can me and my friends have our own float?

Yes, but arrangements need to be made in advance with the Krewe of Pontchartrain; please call the K.O.P office at 504-655-9816.

I'm signing up with one or more friends - can we all ride together?

We will do our best to place your entire group on the same float.  Rule of Thumb - the sooner you join, the greater the chance that everyone in your group will all be placed on the same float. We are also asking folks that want to ride together to agree on a pack name. You'll be asked for your pack name when you register to ride. If you don't see your pack name on the list, you're the first from your pack to register, and you'll need to add it. You'll see instructions on the membership form.

What's the deadline for joining to ride in the parade?

You can join as late as three to four weeks before the parade date; however, the longer you wait to join, the greater the chance that positions on the floats will be unavailable.

After I sign up as a member, then what?

The Krewe will send you a welcome email acknowledging that you have been accepted into the krewe.  We will then add you to our text message and email lists so that you can begin to receive messages from the krewe.  As the parade date approaches, we will assign you to a float. At that point, a float lieutenant will contact you and answer any questions you might have. You can also contact us via phone, e-mail, or via the member request form on your membership account page with any questions you might have.

How far in advance will I know which float I'm on so I can tell my friends how to find me?

You should know your float # and your position on the float several weeks before the parade date.

What can I throw? What can't I throw?

It's easier to list what you cannot throw.  You cannot throw spears or long-stem (plastic) roses.  You also cannot throw any item that advertises anything (a business, website, etc.).

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